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The Founder

by Adrian H C Fu


My father Fu Yum Chiu (Y.C. Fu) passed away in December 2005. Apart from substantial personal assets, he left behind bundles of old letters and memorabilia which he had collected over several decades. Through going over this assortment of letters and old pictures I was able to slowly piece together his early adult life.


In 1946 he was sent to Hong Kong (from Macau) by my grandfather Fu Tak Iam to set up a HK office. Initially the main enterprise was shipping, though later he was commissioned to acquire properties and listed shares. My grandfather would write to him on a weekly basis with very precise instructions on how best to structure these transactions. This went on for the next 10 years and a portfolio of assets was accumulated. As the eldest son, my father was at the same time charged with the responsibility of looking after his siblings who were sent abroad to further their education. His father was his mentor and superior until his passing in 1960, whereupon my father assumed the role of guardian of the family assets. This was to continue until such time that his younger brothers and son were ready to join him in the family business, a course my grandfather had so meticulously charted. The purpose of this Foundation is to continue the good work of the patriarch of the family who had created the Legacy, and the preserver who religiously nurtured the plans to fruition. It is also my belief that the Foundation shall be the most meaningful interpretation of my father’s love and respect for my grandfather and an effective tool to communicate our family history to future generations.



Family Chapel in Biyun village, Xiqiao, Nan Hai City, Guangdong Province restored to its former glory

Before Restoration
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